A Lazy Sunday.

17 December, 2017

University is over and for two weeks the holidays are in full bloom. Of course there’s so much to work on regarding projects and studying for exams that it doesn’t even feel like free time.

I’ve been more invested than ever in certain social subjects like feminism and trangender issues and listening to a lot of videos about them, famous speakers sharing their opinions and trying to form my own. I’m finding it hard to organize my thoughts lately and to have a clear perspective of what my opinion is. But that’s why looking at different views and finding information is so important.


Testing my other lens, Canon EF 75-300mm


Since I began University this year I’ve had a major change in my life. I feel that I learned so much more in the past two months than in my entire highschool experience. That is probably given to my mind-state at the moment, I’m more open to new things and learning than how I was in the past. I don’t criticize as much and I’m learning to put myself in others shoes and to try to understand the reason for their actions.


“MilĂș, the Grumpy”


It’s sunday, and for some reason sundays always make me feel lazy. I should be doing my university tasks but I felt like sharing my thoughts and working on my website. I hope you have enjoyed this kind of post where I get more intimate and share my thoughts. They make me feel more relaxed, like writing things will actually make them more organized in my mind.


Until next time,



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