Review Policy


⥋ Review Policy ⥋


Thank you for checking out my review policy! I really appreciate you taking the time to find what I enjoy reading.

● I will review: Physical or digital books that I find interesting;

● My favorite genres: fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, realistic fiction, horror, crime, Science Fiction, feminism;

● Genres I probably wont accept: Christian Fiction;

● Time: It can take me 2-14 days to read and review a book depending on my time and the number of pages, but I’ll usually post the review right after finishing the book.

● Reviews content: I’m 100% honest in my reviews and very exigent in the ratings I give. The reviews will be posted on this blog and briefly talked on my monthly wrap up videos.

⥋ Star rating system: 


★★★★★ – I loved this book, it’s exceptionally good and I will recommend it forever! It will stay in my mind for a very long time.

★★★★ – I really liked this book and I still highly recommend it.

★★★ – It was okay but various important aspects were missing.

★★ – Negative rating which means that I didn’t liked many things or I found it boring and uninteresting. I don’t recommend it.

★ – I hated this book and everything about it. I feel that I lost my time with it and of course I wouldn’t even refer it to anyone.

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